Throughout the commissioning process Long and Partners
Commissioning Consultancy uses a range of
bespoke electronic documentation.


Statement Tracker

How will systems be successfully commissioned? To understand this each system will require the process to be clearly detailed and defined and this is achieved by the issue of Method statements. COMCO will ensure that systems are commissioned correctly and in accordance with the approved method statements.

Commissioning Activity Schedule

System commissioning can be complex and a Commissioning Activity schedule is necessary such that each system can be monitored for progress through to handover.

COMCO will produce a detailed Commissioning activity Schedule which will detail all systems that require commissioning. This will assist in the overall Management process in ensuring that systems are commissioned correctly, witnessed and handed over.


Efficient planning of the commissioning activities is key to the successful delivery of any project. “Perfect Planning Prevents poor performance”

COMCO will produce a detailed Commissioning programme at the early stages of the Project cycle. Close monitoring and reporting against the Programme is key to successful delivery.

IST Document

Following successful Commissioning and Handover of the services a final “Integrated Systems Test” of all Systems is required. This is the final step towards successful Project completion. COMCO produce the IST document and manage the process to ensure the Building Services are successfully handed over to the Client and are fully functional.

System Witnessing and Handover Process

Clearly defining the Commissioning and Witnessing process at the commencement of the Project is required to ensure members of the Services team understand exactly what is required from them and each other. COMCO will define this process such that there are no “grey areas”.

Commissioning Requirements

Defined commissioning requirements and strategy.